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High Precision Bond Tester (Model:SS-30WD)

High Precision Bond Tester (Model:SS-30WD)

This model is designed to make a high precision bond strength testing such as wire pull testing, die shear testing, peel testing, etc.
Variety of testing can be measured by one load cell unit.


  • Testing image can be saved into PC by using CCD vision system.
  • SS-30WD has an RS232C interface to provide testing result data.
  • High precision micro-step motor allows reliable testing.
  • Heating stage is available by option.


Shear Test

Pull Test

Peel Test

Push Test


Load cell accuracy ±0.1%FS
Maximum measure value 50kg
Stage traveling distance X axis : 100mm Z axis : 100mm
Work stage resolution 1μm
Measure speed 6μm/sec~1mm/sec
Dimensions 485mm×435mm×565mm (Wm×Lm×H)
Weight 75kg
Power supply AC100V, 1A, 50Hz/60Hz, 1phase