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About Seishin Trading Co., Ltd.


Headquarters Seishin Trading Co., Ltd.

Head Office

(Main Office and Technical Office)

1-4-4, Minatojima-Minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 650-0047 Japan
Tel (81) 78-303-3810
Fax (81) 78-303-3822
Founded March 10, 1952
Paid-in Capital ¥50,000,000 (50 million yen)
Fiscal Closing Date End of February
Annual Turnover ¥4,400,000,000 (4.4 billion yen) (2014)
Board of Directors

President : Michihiro Tamenori
Director : Shigeru Nakamura
Director : Shigeki Kojima

Director : Yoshitaka Hasegawa
Director : Jun Sakamoto

Auditor : Makoto Kamezawa

Number of Employees 84
Location in Japan Tokyo Office
RBM Shiba Park Bldg. 2-12-7, Shiba-Daimon, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 105-0012 Japan
Tel (81) 3-3459-7491
Fax (81) 3-3459-7499
Nagoya Office
Nagoya Mitsui Bldg. 1-24-30, Meieki-Minami, Nakamura-Ku, Nagoya, 450-0003 Japan
Tel (81) 52-586-4741
Fax (81) 52-586-4796

Hokkaido Office
Pier 2-1 Bldg. 1-10, Kita-Nijo-Nishi, Chuo-Ku, Sapporo, 060-0002 Japan

Tel (81)11-221-2171

Fax(81) 11-221-2010

Seishin Groop Tamacs Co., Ltd.
Seishin Techno Service Co., Ltd.

Export Trade Goods

1. Standard Reference Materials
2. Spectroscopic System
3. Laser Processing Machine
4. Manufacturing Equipment for bulk type
5. Conductive Paste for Solar Cell (Metalization)
6. Screen Printing System
7. OLHT Laser Trimmer
8. Breaking Machine
9. Pull/Push Strength Tester (Bonding Tester)


Company History

1952 Opened Tokyo Office
1954 Absorbed Tokiwa Trading Co., Ltd. who provided the highest quality of Standard Reference Materials and Laboratory Apparatus.
1960 Opened Technical Division at Kobe office
1965 Opened Nagoya office
1975 Opened Hokkaido office
2000 Absorbed Tamacs Co., Ltd. who manufactured the highest quality of electric equipment.
2007 Moved Main Technical office to Minatojima.

2010 Constructed the head office in Minatojima,Kobe.  Intergrated the head office and the technical office.